Meadow Brook Elementary School

Nebo School District

Meadow Brook Elementary
Meadow Brook Elementary
Meadow Brook Elementary

Meadow Brook Elementary School - Nebo School District

  • March 2015-April 2016

  • Cost - $17 million

  • 84,000 sq. ft. New Elementary School

  • CM/GC

Meadowbrook Elementary has a student capacity for approximately 960 students with 84,000 sq. ft. on the main floor with a 17,000 sq. ft mechanical mezzanine.  Meadowbrook Elementary School is a new school located in Springville, Utah. The school consists of 32 classrooms, 4 kindergartens, 3 Resource room, 2 computer rooms and a UEI room. The administration area includes a large media center, kiva, work room and faculty lounge. 

KMA Architects Inc. - 195 East 100 North, Provo, UT 84606 - (801) 377-5062