Richfield High School

Sevier School District

Richfield High School - Sevier School District

  • April 2014 – Finished in 2016

  • Cost – 32 Million

  • 258,500 sq. ft. of new school with 5,000 sq. ft. of mechanical mezzanines

  • Construction - Hard Bid

The design of the Richfield High School is a two phased project that will replace the existing school by building half of the project in the first phase and then moving the school over into the new portion and demolishing the existing school. Then, in phase II, the remainder of the school will be built and finished. 

The school design includes a central core commons area that is the heart of the school where all the service areas are adjacent to and visually controlled from the commons area. We added a large auditorium and new main gymnasium with an upper track to the project that, in conjunction with the commons area, will become an asset to both the school and the local community. Providing a place where students can be inspired, excited, and take pride of ownership over their surroundings proves to be beneficial to the student body and the outcome of their learning careers.

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