Union High School

Duchesne County School District

Union High School - Duchesne County School District

  • April 2016—June 2018

  • Cost – 72 Million (Building, site, and site athletic facilities)

  • 344,804 square foot new High School

  • CM/GC Construction

The design of the new Union High School replaced the undersized and deteriorating existing high school and fulfilled the need of a large high school to accommodate the student growth in the south and east areas of Duchesne County.  Constructed with concrete, masonry and steel for durability and easy maintenance. The building envelope was designed with all the latest and highest energy efficient material to provide low energy costs which is critical in this area.  By using honed, split-faced block, and stone for the exterior material pallet along with volumes of brick, reminiscent of a traditional school, the durability is emphasized.  While the use of steel and glass soften the edges of the overall aesthetics of Union High School.

Most important was the new innovative technology incorporated in large classroom spaces that provides a great learning atmosphere. 

Union High School has several key components:


  • 10,000 sq. ft. Commons/Cafeteria

  • 1650 Seat Auditorium

  • (2) Main Gymnasiums-2000 seating each

  • 80 Teaching Stations

  • Infrastructure Support  - General education studies, science, CTE, art, drama, music and fitness, health, and sports.

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